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"Magic 30 " Memoires and reality

October 15, 1992 :

I was 30 years old and just married.

We left the Netherlands and moved with all my possessions to Mochlos - Crete - Greece to start the adventure.

We have been married for 30 years now and we have been living in Crete for 30 years.

So I've been in Crete just as long as I was in the Netherlands :)

October 15, 1992 : The adventure started immediately with an unforgettable big forest fire in our area - Tourloti

but nature has miraculously recovered after the fire!

October 15, 2022 : Coincidentally, on the same date 30 years later, the long - awaited and much - needed rain for some turns into a catastrophic event that causes major damage among other places on Crete, like in our nearby capital Sitia.

Fortunately, the rain in our area was not catastrophic this time, our olives were grateful for it! They suck up the rainwater to get even bigger and juicier, and soon we hope to start the harvest, which still looks promising!

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