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We warmly welcome you to our store!

You can buy honest, delicious delicacies from us from the Greek island of Crete.
The products in our range are pure and unprocessed. Of  love, knowledge and craftsmanship  manufactured  by small local businesses.  
The exclusive extra virgin olive oil comes fresh, directly and unprocessed from under our own trees directly to your table!
We also buy delicious honey from our neighbour, the local beekeeper.  

Pure olive oil soap comes from a small family business, located in a small mountain village - east Crete.

Herbs are essential in the kitchen, but also in the medicine cabinet.  
We have purchased our herbal range from a young and dynamic company called Iliostasio. High in the mountains near Héraklion, the herbs are grown with great care and love.  

We wish you a lot of fun while shopping in our shop, and
do our very best to deliver these honest, delicious products to your home as fresh and as quick as possible.  

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