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-  ABOUT US  -

Our story begins in 1992 when Annemarie Den Hartigh left the Netherlands with her husband Manolis Papadakis to dedicate themselves completely to the production of real olive oil.

Oil with its own character and not a mixed factory product.

There is a heavy emphasis on fair cultivation with respect for nature.   


The name Vitsilomoeri literally means "falcon face" and refers to this green area where this bird is often seen.


Our Vitsilomoeri olive grove is one of many in Crete. Growing olives and producing olive oil is quite labour-intensive, with a lot of manual work, and has a high cost for the grower.  

Unfortunately, most of this quality oil ends up in the hands of the  wholesalers,  who then improve poor quality olive oil with the good olive oil from Crete.

Consumers often have no idea what good olive oil is, where it comes from, how to use it or  what real, fresh olive oil tastes like.

Out of love for our beautiful product, we decided to do it differently! Step by step we are realizing our dream by storing, packaging our own olive oil ourselves  to be transported to the Netherlands.  

This is how our oil comes fresh, unprocessed and directly from under our trees to your table!

Our olive oil is already a favorite product of many gourmets!   

Due to the growing demand for our olive oil, our son Dimitris, who was born and raised in our olive grove, took the initiative to move to the Netherlands and established an official branch of our company in the Netherlands.  

Our oil is produced in limited edition.

As a farmer you can never be sure of a good harvest.

We are at all times dependent on the weather conditions, moreover, an olive tree does not produce olives every year, but has a cycle of 3 years.

So sometimes we have to buy olives from farmers in the immediate vicinity, in order to meet the demand for our honest, delicious olive oil. If this is the case, we will always mention it! 

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