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This plant, with its greenish-grey, velvety leaves and lilac flowers, thrives on the Cretan mountains and has fascinated botanists and doctors from ancient times to the present day, as it is considered one of the most important medicinal herbs in the world. The Latin name "Salvia" comes from the verb "Salvare" which means to save. 

this plant  is both as  culinary herb as well as for tea.

The sage has a slightly bitter and quite spicy taste. It is used in dishes with pork, duck, sausage  and lard to neutralize the fat somewhat. Sage also goes well with fried rabbit, shrimp, fatty fish such as eel, but also with beans. 


Medicinal Properties:

  • Sage is anti bacterial 
  • helps against toothaches and inflammation in the mouth
  • in stomach ulcers, tonsillitis
  • Helps with colds, sore throat and flu
  • It aids in digestion and is a boost for the stomach 

Sage (Salvia officinalis) Pot

  • After opening / using the glass jar  Keep tightly closed in a dark dry place. The kitchen cupboard is an excellent storage place for herbs.

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