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Oregano is at the top of the Mediterranean diet; it is the emblem of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Oregano is one of the  most famous and used aromatic herb,  and is used in many different cuisines.

It has a spicy taste and goes well with olive oil and lemon. In fact, many dishes both in Crete and Greece are served or cooked with this simple sauce (olive oil, oregano, lemon), such as lamb with olive oil and oregano, baked potatoes, liver, fish, even freshly cooked zucchini. In many Cyclades and Dodecanese islands, oregano is traditionally sprinkled into the belly of grilled fish to add aroma and flavor. It goes with almost all dishes, such as soups, potatoes, omelettes, meat, fish, beans, pasta, vegetables, dishes containing tomato, etc. Oregano  is  delicious on pizzas and many different types of bread. It can also be combined with basil and other herbs.


Some medicinal properties:

  • a decoction of oregano helps against abdominal cramps and poisoning symptoms
  • against diarrhea
  • baked oregano leaves as a compress against muscle pain
  • oregano oil for toothaches

Oregano (Origanum vulgaris) Pot

  • After opening / use, keep the glass jar tightly closed in a dark, dry place. The kitchen cupboard is an excellent storage place for herbs.

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