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This honey is a local and artisan product and an absolute delicacy. The honey comes from wild flowers and herbs, and is cold tossed, has a thick composition and, partly due to the wild thyme, has this beautiful dark color. The taste will surprise you!

Besides the fact that honey is very tasty, it is also very healthy!

This honey is an excellent sugar substitute, for on a sandwich, in yogurt, in your cup of tea or coffee, but the use of honey also offers many possibilities in the culinary field.

Some medicinal properties of honey:

  • Honey is a natural anti-biotic, which can fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Wound treatment
  • Skin disorders
  • Respiratory tract infections and cold, cough
  • Strengthens resistance
  • A spoonful of honey before going to sleep helps to cleanse the liver during the night and helps against insomnia.
  • Honey is full of antioxidants.

Honey 250 grams

SKU: H250
  • Honey is a very sensitive product that absorbs odors very easily. Therefore honey must be kept hermetically sealed in a glass jar or tin, in a place where light, temperature or odor cannot act. Provided these conditions are met, the honey can be kept for 2 years.

    When “foreign substances” enter the honey, such as breadcrumbs, water, or butter, the honey can sour. Therefore, always use a clean spoon to remove honey from the jar, and not, for example, your bread knife that you used to spread the sandwich.

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