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This herb is good to use in desserts, syrup, oil, pesto and ice cream.

Actually in everything we want to give a different lemon flavor to.

It is often used with fish dishes and meat,   often together with lime or lemon, and  often in sauces.

Do you want, for example, an apricot jam with its own special taste? then add lemon verbena!


As herbal tea:

  • Has  a  round, velvety lemon flavour.
  • Make together with lemon balm  you a delicious herbal tea.
  • Can also be combined with many other soft herbs as tea.


Medicinal Properties:

  • good for digestion 
  • helps against stomach and intestinal cramps
  • calming and relaxing
  • helps with a cold

Lemon verbana - Aloysia citrodora Pot

  • Keep the glass jar tightly closed in a dark, dry place. The kitchen cupboard is an excellent storage place for herbs.

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